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In this section you can find a series of environmental info-graphics related to climate change, which can be used for a better understanding of this human induced phenomenon.


Use of water in the CDMX

The right to water is essential for a decent life. In the CDMX, 70% comes from…

Climate Action Programs of Mexico City's Boroughs


Tlalpan's Climate Action Program

Identify actions with mitigation potential of GHG emissions and promote the wellfare of the population.


Tláhuac's Climate Action Program

With the use of the GHG Inventory, identify the most important emission sources to design mitigation actions and generate a vulnerability analysis.


Cuajimalpa's Climate Action Program

Identify the sources of GHG emissions and analyze the vulnerable zones to climate change.


Magdalena Contrera's Climate Action Program

To increase the quality of life and contribute to the reduction of concentrations of GHG emissions.


Browse Mexico City's publications on climate change and know about the actions that are being carried out to reduce its effects.



We invite you to watch our videos on climate change. To see more, give click here

International cooperation

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